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Why is League of Legends Super Popular and Addictive?

League of Legends is the most popular game right now. Millions of people play it daily. It is one of the biggest online multiplayer games in the history of gaming. It was first released back in 2009. Since then, it has garnered millions of followers and a number of awards from notable gaming publications and websites.

But what makes League tick? What makes it extremely popular in the gaming industry? What makes it so addictive that players always find the time to squeeze in a game or two in a busy schedule? In this article, we’ll take a look at answers to these questions.


League is a very accessible game. Though it follows a so-called premium model with microtransactions, League is totally free. You don’t need to spend a single penny on it in order to play it. Just download it from Riot Games and install it – free of charge.

League isn’t extremely demanding when it comes to system requirements as well. Anyone with an average PC and a decent internet connection can play it. In countries where internet cafes are as common as Starbucks and McDonald’s in the United States, League is typically the go-to game amongst patrons.


How did League manage to stay fresh every year for the past eight years? By getting regular updates from Riot Games, of course. The developer constantly rolls out new updates and patches, which are also free of charge, unlike traditional DLC packs that people need to pay for to access.

Updates come in different forms. It can be new Champions such as the recently released Champion Kayn, a unique character with an in-game transformation ability, and Xayah and Rakan, a pair of characters that work best when fighting side-by-side. It can be new Champion Skins, which are sometimes based on characters from other games. It can be in the form of new gameplay mechanics or options.

The logic behind this is fairly simple: Players support League because the developer, even after already piling loads of cash, still continues to show love for the game. You can look at Team Fortress 2 as another example of this. Valve continues to support the game with regular updates, which is one of the reasons it still has a very active community today.


League is an open-ended game. It doesn’t have a single-player campaign that ends with an ending movie followed by rolling credits. League is endless. Players can spend hundreds of hours in it without ending up in an end-game scenario. Unless you count the end of matches as one.

Its open-ended nature gives it lots of replay value. Anyone can pick it up today and dive in without worrying about being too late to the party. For people who can only allow a few hours per day for games, a game like League where matches last around 30-45 minutes is a godsend.


The gameplay in League is similar to other MOBA titles in the market: Select a Champion, farm for gold and experience, take out enemy guard towers and opposing Champions, and, finally, destroy the heart of the enemy base. A good amount of bickering with teammates is also included in the formula.

To other gamers looking in from the outside, League is an extremely repetitive game, one that, in theory, gets boring quickly. So how come millions of players still come out and play it despite its seemingly repetitive nature? The reason is that every League match is different.

There are over 100 Champions to choose from. This means in any given match, you will be fighting with and against nine different characters with different play styles and abilities. Sure, 99 percent of League is played on the same map (Summoner’s Rift). But different characters means different strategies and tactics need to be applied.

Because of this, League feels fresh in every match despite the environment looking the same. The “freshness” is further boosted by the fact that in League, you play with different sets of people in every match. Meaning, you deal with an assortment of personalities every time you play League. Of course, you have the option to play with real-life friends, which is the best way to play League.


The League of Legends esports scene is one of the biggest in the esports industry. Millions of dollars have already been given out to victors in previous League of Legends tournaments. The popularity of League has gotten more boost now that esports is a lucrative industry. This makes it more visible, which translates to even more players joining the fun. With esports continuing to trend upwards not just in popularity, but also in prize pools, League will only benefit from it.


There are League players who play matches to have fun. Usually with real-life friends. There are League players who mainly play to troll around and cause a ruckus using a hated Champion such as Teemo. And then there are League players who take the game seriously and spend countless hours trying to climb the rank ladder.

League has a ranked mode where matches play a role in improving player ranks. It fans the flames of competitiveness among players. Many players become obsessed and addicted to improving their ranks and become one of the best players in League.


This is perhaps one of the chief reasons why many people start playing League: Because they have friends who also play it. It is easy to get hooked into playing League when you have lots of friends who regularly play it. Even if you are not particularly good at MOBA games, you will want to be a part of the fun. As mentioned, playing with buddies is the best way to truly enjoy League.

Whether you like it or not, League of Legends is here to stay for the long haul. It is useless to resist it. There are other reasons why the Riot Games-developed game is extremely popular and amazingly addictive. The reasons listed above are just seven of them. Want to see what the fuss is about? We recommend that you buy a League of Legends Smurf account to get a taste of the action.

August 4, 2017 admin