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1. Coaching / Boosting

If you’re a solid player that has proven experience of playing and ranking in higher League divisions such as Diamond League then don’t be surprised if players ask you for professional coaching and mentoring.

Coaching and mentoring is becoming a large part of online gaming and is starting to align with other professional sports in that regard. Think about it, it’s rare to find a professional athlete that doesn’t have a coach to train and mentor them.

Depending on your skill level you can set the price in which you expect to be paid should you engage in mentoring another player. As you could image prices charged by coaches and mentors varies significantly due to experience, country and many other factors. If you’re looking for a coach then expect to pay more the higher the experience they have.

On the other hand, there are services now available for LOL Boosting. Basically, these services offer less experienced players the opportunity to play stronger players to play on their account and increase their rankings.

A player could earn $500 dollars or more from boosting another player from Gold into Platinum or Diamond tier.

2. Selling Accounts

At times you may decide that you no longer wish to play the game or you decide to move to a new account. In doing so it may free up your old account in order for you to sell it to another player who will be able to use it. Although Riot frowns upon this it’s becoming far more common due to the time it requires to grind and level a new account.

Selling game account can fetch players a significant income too. Not only can you sell your own personal account as mentioned above at AussyELO.com we specialise in levelling accounts and selling those accounts players who want to buy a lol Smurf Account. A level 30 account, depending on account inclusions, can cost anywhere from $25.00 to $180.00 US for rare accounts and other inclusions.

If you want to practice new champions or improve your skills without hurting the ranking of your primary account then buying a Smurf account can be an excellent way to achieve just that. Smurf accounts provide you with an ability to practice, develop and fix your mistakes which is a requirement for any player if you want to push into higher divisions.

3. Rare Skins

Champion skin (or just skin) refers to the color scheme or appearance of a champion. In League of Legends, most skins can be bought from the Riot Store with RP Riot Points, while others are or were available only from special events or promotions.

Some of those skins are only available for a very limited period of time and therefore when no longer available they become very rare. LoL skin codes were once given out at gaming events from vendors that had been given them. However recently Riot made a decision to remove such codes and therefore the only way to gain rare skins is to buy accounts that already have them.

For skins such as the highly sought after Championship Riven you can expect to be charged around $300 dollars plus.


4. Subscribers using Twitch / YouTube

As we wrote previously, in regards to how Pro LoL games earn money, platforms like Twitch and YouTube have allowed ordinary gamers to gain hundreds of thousands of followers. The key isn’t necessarily to be the best gamer but provide value to your subscribers and be entertaining.

In doing so ordinary everyday gamers that have a passion for League of Legends can earn money from the subscribers and advertising on their accounts.

Advertising, such as Twitch partner, pay starts at $3.50 per 1,000 people who watch the ad and players can also do similar with YouTube advertising and Google AdSense although the income varies. A streamer with an average of 5,000 viewers can make as much $2,800 from ads.

So How Will You Earn Money?

In the past 10 years we’ve seen gaming go from offline to online and now due to the maturing of the internet and online business, it means that players of all skill levels have the opportunity to generate an income from gaming.

Your skill level or ability to entertain is likely the biggest factor in determining how much money you can make but having a combination of the two will certainly help.

We can also expect that over the next 10 years with continued developments in eSports and availability of tournament broadcasts the popularity of eSports and its players will continue to drive corporate sponsorships and the money pro gamers can earn.

Over to you, How are you making money from League of Legends?

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