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Champion Skins Based on Pop Culture Characters – Part 1

Alternate costumes are a common thing in video games, especially in the fighting genre. Although they don’t really impact the gameplay, they’re a good way to keep things “fresh.” Because, really, seeing a character trot out with the same garments for dozens of hours can make you feel boring. And it also makes you feel you’re controlling an entirely new character. Why do you think a lot of players unnecessarily spend money on DLC or post-release content that contain nothing more than aesthetic changes to characters or items in the game?

These alternate costumes are also a thing in League of Legends, called as “Champion Skins,” which not only changes a Champion’s garments but his or her entire appearance as well. Some Champion Skins merely change the coloring scheme, while others feature alternate voices and sound effects. Of course, these things don’t come free – you need Riot Points to buy them off the Riot Store, with many of them only available in a limited time.

Many Champion Skins are based on other pop culture characters, ranging from movies to other video games to comic book characters. Here are some of the best ones, in no particular order:


Let’s start with the Champion Skin that references arguably the biggest and most surprising movie this year: “Deadpool.” Yes, Deadly Kennen came out way before the movie released last February, so technically speaking it’s referencing directly the source material, which is comic books. The black-and-red colors, plus the obvious large black eye patches is a dead giveaway who Deadly Kennen is referencing. Heck, even his name hints at it.


This Champion Skin is a very obvious reference to the character created by Lewis Carroll in the novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” You probably understood that reference as soon as you read “Wonderland,” unless you have never watched the Disney animated classic based on the novel, or the more recent Tim Burton-directed “Alice in Wonderland.” Anyway, in this Champion Skin, Annie is wearing Alice’s familiar blue-and-white dress, with her trusty teddy bear Tibbers portraying the iconic White Rabbit – easily the stuff of nightmares.


If you’re familiar with the popular Final Fantasy RPG series, then you most likely recognized the reference immediately. These two Champion Skins are based on two archetype classes in the Final Fantasy games: the Meteor-summoning Black Mage and the support character White Mage. Both have been around since the very first Final Fantasy game released more than two decades ago. Many unique characters in subsequent Final Fantasy games were based on these two archetypes. Actually, Classic Veigar bears a striking similarity to Vivi from Final Fantasy IX.


Fairy tales are always a good source for references. Big Bad Warwick is based on the infamous Big Bad Wolf from the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” who, after encountering the titular character in the woods and deciding she’d make a good meal, proceeds to disguise himself as the little girl’s grandma in order to eat her (she was on her way to her grandma’s place). A pretty elaborate plan, if you really think about it. Anyway, Big Bad Warwick actually looks hilarious in this Champion Skin because of the grandma dress and glasses.


No, this Champion Skin isn’t based on Merlin or Albus Dumbledore. Ryze Whitebeard is based on another famous wizard: Gandalf from J. R. R. Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of the Rings trilogy, portrayed by Sir Ian McKellen on the big screen. Ryze Whitebeard, as his name and beard hints at, most likely references the “White Wizard” version of Gandalf, first seen in “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.” On a related note, Veigar also has an alternate Skin which references the “Grey Wizard” version of Gandalf, seen in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” and the divisive The Hobbit trilogy.


Jayce, Debonair Jayce. This Champion Skin is based on Britain’s most famous fictional spy: James Bond, currently portrayed at the moment by the gritty Daniel Craig. Debonair Jayce may not come with James Bond’s signature Aston Martin or Walther PPK, but he definitely carries the 007 aura — his suit says it all. The rose on his right chest is a little too big, though, but is a nice complement the white suit. Debonair Jayce could also pass off as Dr. Stephen Strange before he learned of the mystic arts under Tilda Swinton…err, The Ancient One. The streak of white hair above his ears are similar to Dr. Strange.


This Champion Skin is obviously based on the DC comic book character Superman. Super Teemo is based on the classic Superman costume. You know, the one with the questionable red inside-out underwear, which was last seen in live-action back in 2006 when Brandon Routh was supposedly Christopher Reeve 2.0. Now? Henry Cavill rocks an underwear-less Man of Steel. Critics of the Zack Snyder movies “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will say that Super Teemo would be a better fit, if only to infuse the movies with much-needed rumor.


Capping off this list is a reference to the popular RPG series Final Fantasy (again), represented at the moment by the long-awaited and much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV. The game notoriously took a decade to develop after suffering numerous setbacks in the past. Frost Queen Janna is based on one of the most popular summoned monsters in the series: Shiva. Actually, this Champion Skin could even be mistaken for a Shiva iteration if players are not familiar with League of Legends (Shiva is redesigned with every Final Fantasy installment that features her). From the blue hair down to the ice spikes protruding on her back and shoulders, Frost Queen Janna perfectly references Shiva.

That’s all for now at the moment. Tune in for more Champion Skins based on popular culture characters in Part 2 of this article next week. If you want to get your hands on these awesome Champion Skins, simply buy an unranked League of Legends account, accumulate Riot Points and visit the Riot Store to see which ones are still available.

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