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Why and Where You Should Buy League of Legends Accounts

Why and where you should buy league of legends accounts
League of Legends is one of the most popular e-sports in the world. It is played by over 100 million active users every other month. League of Legends, often known as LoL or League, is a Free-to-Play video game, which means there is no cost to play the game. Players can create free League of Legends accounts, but it takes a long time to level up to max. The maximum level in League of Legends is level 30. Many players strive to reach this level as it is the threshold required to enter ranked play. Additionally, it is unlikely that players have sufficient BE to buy the 20 champions needed for ranked. Level 30 accounts are not only needed for solo queues, but also for ranked teams. Thus, you need to level up as quickly as possible if you want to play competitively in a team with friends at high levels.

How long does it take to Reach Level 30?

There is no definite answer for this question other than “a long time”. You can take weeks to months of playing to level to the max, depending on factors such as:
  • The number of games you win per day
  • The number of games you play per day
  • Type of games you’re playing whether “ Normals” or bot games
  • If you’re using win boosts
  • If you are using EXP boosts
It is estimated that it takes up to 21, 389 Summoner experience to attain level 30. Bot games only give you around 90 Experience per game and each game takes about 25 minutes, which translates to more than 150 hours of continuous playtime. As you can see, this is a lot of time to put towards leveling your account when you should be concentrating on your ranked games instead. The best and the fastest way to level up is to buy a League of Legends Smurf account.

What is a LoL Smurf Account?

Smurf accounts have been around since the emergence of online gaming. The first Smurf account is believed to have been created in the 90s. Smurf accounts have increasingly become popular since then. Nowadays, there are smurf accounts for nearly every online game, including League of Legends. A LoL smurf account is just another account that allows you to play under a separate name. Since you’ll have no reputation to live up to, you can go a bit wild and play different than your regular play style. This allows you to enjoy the game even more.

Why Should You Buy LoL Smurf Accounts?

You may be wondering why you should buy a league of legends account if you can simply get one for free. The truth is that there's no such as thing as free league of legends accounts. Well, there are actually many reasons why people choose to buy league of legends account rather than making one themselves. Here are some of these reasons:

It is Faster Than Leveling Naturally

One of the top reasons players buy a LoL account is that it saves them to time to level the account up naturally. Currently, you need approximately 20,042 XP to get to level 30. Without any booster packs, each game will give an average of 90 XP per match. This means that you will need more than 90 hours to reach level 30 assuming that every match will take at least 25 minutes. Instead of spending all this time leveling, why not buy a League of Legends account for around $26 and focus on your ranked games?

Get Additional BE and RP

Most bought League of Legends accounts come with an added benefit of RP and BE. Each account comes with up to 20,000 BE which is sufficient to buy three legendary champions. Each legendary champion costs around 6,300 BE, meaning you will save a lot of time farming champions. Simply buy legendary champs for the role you are interested in and you are done! When you buy a new League of Legends account, you can easily change your role in the game and buy all the legendary champs to match. There is nothing worse than spending your 20,000 BE on champions when you opt to switch from ADC to Top Lane. If you purchase a new LoL account, you can buy all the champs you want without wasting time. You will also have your original account with a different set of champs for a different role.

Switch Regions Easily

Another major reason you should consider buying a LoL account is because of you can easily switch regions. Currently, the EUW is the most competitive region in terms of skill and most would want to play with players from these regions to test their skill. If you live in Europe and play on EU west servers, you cannot play together with players in the USA playing on the NA servers, which seems unfair. Although you can buy a server transfer via the Riot Store for 2600 RP, which is about $20, once you have switched it can be hard to switch back again. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this. You can buy a smurf LoL account on the NA servers and start playing with your USA friends within minutes. In addition, you do not have to spend weeks or months leveling up to level 30. If you buy your LoL accounts from AussyELO you will have enough BE to buy a range of Champs ideal for duo/solo queue or ranked 5’s. At AussyELO you can buy league of legends accounts for many different regions, including EU west, Latin America North, EU Nordic and East, Brazil, Turkey and North America. In fact, our level 30 unranked accounts come with a price that is less than $20, which cheaper than what Riot charges for switching regions. Additionally, if you buy your League of Legends account from us, you will get 20,000 + BE and the ability to leave your main account on your home region with all your stats saved. By purchasing league of legends accounts in different regions, you can easily play in many ranked leagues.

Save Money While Buying Champs

Most smurf LoL accounts come with 20,000+ BE. You can use your BE to buy four third tier legendary champs. Each third tier legendary champ retails for about 3,150 BE or 790 RP. This is equal to around 4,740 R which is about $36. The price of a smurf LoL account is usually less than $30, which means you’ll be saving a nice amount of cash. Some accounts also come with over 20 unlocked champs, which save you the time of farming the BE or using your cash to buy them.

Play With Friends at Lower Ranks

If you buy a league of legend account, you will be able to begin from scratch since all accounts are unranked. If your original account had a bad set of placement matches, you can easily try again on a new unranked account. If you enjoy playing the game with your friends, then a smurf account will prove to be beneficial. If you have friends who have just joined the game and you would like to play with them, you will need a new LoL account. If you play on your original account, chances are that you will be provided with high risk games. You certainly do not want to play with high risk games with your new players. When you buy a new LoL account, you will be able to reset your rank. This consequently allows you to play at the same skill level as your family and friends. Similarly, with a new LoL account, you can play with friends who are not as good as you. For example, you can play some Duo Queue with your friend who is Bronze and you are Diamond. Our LoL smurf accounts are unranked, meaning you can play with your friends again and again, and even teach them some tricks to help them level up fast. In addition, your MMR will be in line with that of your friends. Thus, your games will not only be enjoyable but also well balanced for both of you.

You’re Stuck in ELO Hell

Most LoL players get stuck at their ELO due to poor co-players or just bad luck; however, this should not prevent you from leveling up. While you can spend weeks or months trying to better your results and improve your MMR, sometimes the best thing to do is to start again from scratch. All our league of legends accounts are unranked and level 30 and have enough BE to purchase the needed 20 champs for ranked play. By buying a LoL account, you will be back enjoying your initial placement games in a short time and getting placed in the division you deserve.

Your Original Account Has Been Banned

If you broke some rules and your LoL account got banned, you may have learned your lesson, but that does not mean Riot will reactivate your account. However, this should not hold you back from playing the games you love. Plus, you do not have to spend months trying to get your account to its initial rank. Fortunately, all our league of legends accounts are at level 30 and have more than 20k BE. Thus, you can get to your preferred level fast instead of waiting for weeks or months.

The Benefits of Buying Your League of Legends Accounts at AussyELO

Just like anything in life, there are risks of buying unranked League of Legends accounts. Here at AussyELO, we strive to make sure that all our customers’ purchases are risk free. We use the latest technology to provide genuine unranked league of legends accounts. While other smurf account sellers do not offer guarantees for the accounts you buy from them, we offer you a 100 percent guarantee for accounts you buy from us. There’s literally no safer place to purchase a LoL account than at AussyELO. Now let’s look at some of the main risks of buying an unranked LoL account and how you can minimize these risks.
Banned Account
This is one of the main risks when buying a LoL account. Depending on where you buy your account, the risk of a ban could be minimal to certain. There’s no such as a thing as free league of legends accounts. Similarly, avid buying your account from auction sites as this increases the risk of getting a ban. The best way to get a legit LoL account is buying from us. Here are at AussyELO, we minimize the risks of getting a ban by:
  1. Using the latest advanced technology to create our accounts.
  2. Offering 100 percent guarantee of all our smurf account. If your account gets banned for a reasonable claim, then we’ll give you a new one.
  3. We have never had a user’s account banned for account trading.
  4. Someone Might Change the Registered Email
If you buy your LoL account from untrustworthy sellers such as unknown websites or auction sites, then someone could reclaim your account off you by having their own registered email in place. If someone succeeds in doing this, they will claim your account, keep the money and can even resell the account to someone else. When you buy a new LoL account from us, we allow you to set your own registered email address on our accounts. This makes it impossible for us to recover your accounts as they are all linked to your personal email.
Someone Might Claim The Account Back
This is a common problem on untrustworthy auction sites selling LoL accounts. Once you purchase the account and they receive their money, they’ll change the email and password, making it impossible for you to access the account. At AussyELO, our systems sends you the username and password automatically, as soon as you payment is processed. This allows you to change to registered email and preferred password immediately. Leveling your league of legends account can be very frustrating and time consuming. Why waste your precious time when you can buy a legit LoL account from us. No matter which ranked account you, we got them all whether Challenger, Master, Platinum, Silver, Gold, Diamond or Bronze, you get the option to buy it. We strive to offer all our customers 100 percent satisfaction. If you face any issue with our LoL accounts, feel free to contact us.
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