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League Of Legends isn’t your everyday cup of coffee. So if you want to kick some ass you must be ready to learn every single one of its gaming tricks. Apart from just learning you should also be ready to put all the tricks you learn into use so that you don’t forget any of them. Believe it or not but one small mishap in the game and you could be right at the losing end. As a beginner here are the top tips that you must learn if you want to find the game exciting.




For the first five levels keep positions and characters out of your mind and here are the reasons why. Until you reach level five you won’t be able to access majority of game-play options such as 1v1 games. Again everything that you do in the first four levels aren’t really meant to rate you but rather to expand your knowledge of the game. So all you can do right now is test the different characters and find the ones that feel easy. They include melee, ranged, and mages.




You should take your time to learn the map. Map knowledge plays a very crucial part in the LOL games. With time, it will help you to understand how to lane, identify your hits, take cover, and assist your teammate. The map or Summoner’s Rift has three lanes, the top, middle, and bottom. The remaining area is called the jungle. While the team bases are usually located at top right and bottom left corners. Your position on the map is determined by the champ you choose.




As a beginner you should also know the different positions that you could get to play on en-route to level 30. There are five main positions, the top, mid, jungle, ADC, and support. The top lane is played with champs that take or deal a lot of damage. They include the melee champions such as tanks and bruisers. Like the top the mid also needs powerful champ that has awesome skills. The jungler on the other hand has no lane and only explores the jungle killing monsters and dropping on lane to support their teammates. ADCs take the bottom lane. They firm minions, level up, and buy many gears to improve their damage power. Finally the support sits at the bottom lane and keeps the ADC alive while warding the map and increasing visibility.




You are a beginner, so act like one. Don’t come into the game with a fixed mind. You could be good at everything but you can never be the best in everything. So while you are trying your hands out in every position, try and identify one that works best for you and focus on it over and over again to perfect it. It will help you to improve your skills and even to enjoy the game.




Finally do not get serious with jungling. Jungling isn’t for the weak hearted. It needs exceptional skills, high level of experience, specific champions that you don’t have at the beginner’s level, and other items that come along the game, more probably by level 20. You could also buy a LoL account as a Smurf account so that you can get access to a greater range of champions without needing to spend the time leveling. But even so, getting high level of experience still requires practice.


There are still so many other tips that you could learn about league games from many sites such as mobafire. So as a beginner don’t rush to the top, take it slow and enjoy the game.

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