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You have probably fallen in love with the League of Legends by now. You must be watching pro gamers doing their stuff everyday and dying for the day you’ll hit your top form.  It’ll take some time I must say. And there are so many things to learn before any gamer can nail that incredible playing level. From farming, laning, warding, to mastering champion mechanics there are whole lot of stuffs to learn. Let’s look at mastering the 100 plus champions that RIOT provides gamers with in this scintillating Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.


Pick A Champion Of Your Choice


Like I said we have over 100 Champions. And you can only use one champion at a time. However you can try out a number of champions on different roles that LOL provides you with. The roles include Marksman – Attack Damage Carry / ADC, Mage – Ability Power Carry / APC while the others include Tank, Support, and Jungler.


Learn Your Champ’s Mechanics


There are two types of mechanics that you must learn. They include how the game works and how the champion you’ve chosen works. To learn the champ you should learn their counter champions, their skill shots if any, their Ult usually at level Six and their base power. In addition to that you should learn how to farm, lane, and juking.


Learn Your Champ’s Controls


If you must move the champion from one place to the next, deal damage, initiate escape, or learn their passive, it’s most def that knowing your controls will be pretty important. The Q in most champions is the damage dealer. The W will often give many champions a boost, and the E is the utility that steps in when there is need to deal more damage. And finally the R is the Ult – usually ultimate for the most powerful ability any champ has.


Learn Your Abilities / Usage


The league of legends MOBA has over 100 champions. Every one of the champions is unique in their own way and has their own abilities. No champion shares its Ult with another. Know all these abilities and learn how to combine them for combo power. All these are gaming benefits that a wannabe pro player should stick their mind to.


Learn Your Champ’s Builds


Gold in LOL is often used to purchase additional items that give your champion absolute power. There are several LOL Items that you could buy and use with your champ. Some of them include Ravenous Hydra, Blade of The Ruined King, and Trinity Force for the offensive. Know which items work best for your champions and understand how to build for the ultimate win.


Choose Your Runes/ Masteries


When the game begins you will need something to give you best boosting capacity. Runs and Masteries do exactly that. However Runes are only available when you hit level 20. And Masteries points are easy to nail per level until level 30. Just take you time to determine which runes work best for your champion.




The Marksman attacks from range earning the name ranged champion, the Mage uses spells and skills to deal damage. The Tank builds defensively and takes more damage for the team, and the Support aids ADC by feeding them apart from using their stun to aid the team. The Jungler goes around the camp dealing surprise attacks to enemy minions and killing them.


Farming refers to ability to kill minions, deal death blows, and it helps in gaining gold and Exp to level up. Laning refers to knowing you role and boundaries in the map. Laning will save you from getting ganked. While juking means learning how to hide and move stealthily in the bush.

Learning a champion can be easy and tricky at the same time. It needs patience and requires you to focus on a particular champion at a time.

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